Factors Determining the Cost of Business Video Production

Posted on: 27 August 2015

Videos are powerful tools for marketing a small or large business in online sites. If the project is successful, you will enjoy long-term exposure for your goods or services, and the traffic to your company website will increase. On the other hand, a low-quality video might not allow you to recoup the money spent in the production of the media. Therefore, it is important for you to prepare, plan and evaluate all relevant factors before commissioning the business video project. The most critical aspect to consider is the cost of production, unless you have extremely flexible financial resources. You must be able to retain your budget without compromising the quality of the results. Here are the main cost factors in the production of a business video.

Scope of the Story

The scale and scope of the business story refers to the elements that will be included in the video. This can refer to aspects such as locations, people and corporate events that are relevant to the message you need to deliver to potential clients. Naturally, you will be charged more if the scope of your story is large. Basically, principal video work is charged according to the amount of time spent. If there are multiple locations, you will need several days, especially if there is travel involved. Additionally, more equipment and crew will be required if there are many people or an event to incorporate. You can cut the cost by choosing to make a simplified video with a single location and fewer elements.

Third-Party Material

Third-party materials can improve and enhance the quality of your video, so you should evaluate this aspect as early as possible. This type of media includes old film footage, good music tracks or even relevant still photographs. This material is typically subject to copyright protection even when found in online resources. You should inquire about any content that you want to insert into your video to avoid legal ramifications. You can reduce the costs by creating your own additional media content or searching for free public material.

Editorial Control

The editing process is important because it allows the footage to be reviewed, amended and polished for presentation. If you have a lot of material that needs to be examined and cut, or you will need to evaluate the content personally, the costs will be high. You can reduce the charges by treating the business video as an artistic commission. In simple terms, explain your requirements to the producer and let the expert deliver the creative output.

If you already have skilled employees who know how to make quality videos, you can save money by hiring equipment from a company like Audio Visual Events and having them do the work themselves. 


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