Some Tips Many People Overlook When Buying Home Speakers

Posted on: 26 July 2016

Buying home speakers can be a bit tricky, as high-quality sound means more than just high volume. You want speakers that adequately convey all pitches and tones of music, movie dialogue, and the like. Larger speakers aren't always better speakers and may not deliver as much quality sound as ones that are smaller but which are of better quality. This is why it's often confusing and tricky to get home speakers for your theater system or stereo, as you may not know what to look for. Note a few tips you don't want to overlook and which can ensure you get quality speakers that will work for your needs.


Sensitivity refers to how loud speakers play per watt. A speaker with low sensitivity will require more watts of power in order to play louder. High-sensitivity speakers will require less wattage to deliver the same volume. This is important to understand because it can affect the power you consume when you turn up your speakers or when you expect your speakers to deliver louder sounds, such as in that movie soundtrack. Invest in speakers with a higher sensitivity if you expect to play them at higher volumes, in order to avoid blowing a circuit or consuming too much electricity every time you use your speakers.


The impedance refers to the resistance that your speakers give the amplifier. You may think that resistance is a bad thing, but higher resistance is needed so that an amplifier doesn't simply burn out. If you opt for speakers with a low resistance, thinking you'll get more volume or a clearer sound, you may find that the sound starts to actually skip when you turn up the volume. This is the amplifier and the speaker both burning themselves out. You can then "blow the amp," or cause it to shut down completely. Choose a set of speakers that have the impedance or resistance rating meant for your amplifier to keep them protected.

Your use

Consider how you will use your speakers and what type of sounds you enjoy; for example, if you want to play music and prefer the heavy bass of a bass guitar, you want speakers with a built-in bass booster for a deeper tone. If you want speakers for hooking up to your television, that bass booster may be unnecessary, and you may hear voices and other sounds as being too low. Speakers with a higher treble pitch can be a better choice. Choose speakers with the features you need for how you'll use them for maximum enjoyment.


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