Steps to Choosing Future-Proof Data Cabling Infrastructure in Your Business

Posted on: 28 July 2016

It is easy to design a data cabling system that can handle the data flow in your business now and in the next one year or so. However, have you considered the future needs of the firm? Technological changes and business growth can put pressure on existing data cabling systems. If measures are not taken to keep up with these changes, business performance can be significantly affected by slow network connections. The only way to prevent this is to future-proof your current data cabling system so that it can handle any future changes and increased speed requirements. Here are a few steps to achieve this.

Switch to structured cabling

Structured cabling is an advanced form of cabling that integrates the voice, data, video, and other network management systems in business. Although it takes time and expertise to design, structured cabling provides a neat and organized solution compared to the traditional point-to-point cabling system. It has the following advantages:

•    It can support future upgrades without significant structural changes to the system.

•    It provides a more organized solution and reduces cabling bulk and congestion in the data center.

•    It reduces downtime due to cabling problems and redundancies in the system, and this promotes efficiency and optimal performance of the business.

•    It reduces energy consumption and cooling costs in the data center.

Use high-performance cables

Fiber optic cables are preferable to copper cables due to higher network speeds and better connectivity. Make sure to choose high-performance and durable cables that can be utilized for generations and facilitate system swaps. Note that just because fiber optic cabling is fast, this does not mean that all cables are equal regarding function and durability. If you are currently using copper cables, consider switching to fiber optic cable as the business network speed requirements and data flow are likely to increase in the future.

Follow cabling standards

Following the telecommunications standards on cabling system and design can help facilitate easy cabling upgrades and relocations that would otherwise be difficult when operating with below-standard cabling systems. You can consult with an IT specialist on the current data cabling standards and how you can modify your current system to meet these standards.

Future-proofing your data cabling system can save your business from poor performance as a result of outdated cabling systems, and enable it to upgrade fast to changing technology. Hire a professional data cabling expert like One Step Ahead Communications to help you in designing a modular and flexible cabling system that will serve your business for years.


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