Worried About Security? Look For These Surveillance Features To Feel More Secure In Your Home

Posted on: 28 July 2016

If you're worried about protecting your loved ones from intruders, then installing a surveillance security system may be just what you're looking for. Older home security systems were limited to beeping alarms when the door was tampered with, but modern security systems have incorporated innovation to deliver compelling surveillance features that greatly boost visual efficiency. Look for these 4 superior surveillance features if you want to feel more secure at home.

High-Definition Resolution Cameras

The main purpose of a surveillance security system is to deter criminals. But in the event that an intruder boldly gets into your home, you'll obviously want to make sure that you capture clear details and images of the criminal. A high-resolution camera captures intricate details like clothes, face, visual body marks, items stolen and much more — all of which will help the police in their quest to identify the bad guys. Modern HD cameras are small enough to blend seamlessly into your home décor and can completely disappear from plain sight. Aside from catching an intruder in action, they are useful for working parents with children because it allows parents to keep track of nannies and other caretakers when they are not home.

DVR Hard Drive For Recording

A digital video recorder (DVR) hard drive in the surveillance system allows you to record the events taking place in your home as you like, whether you want it at specific times or round-the-clock. New DVR hard drives are high in capacity and can store hours of footage. Since all images and videos are saved to the system, homeowners can review them later when necessary. In addition to their functional versatility, DVR hard drives come in a variety of sizes based on your needs.

Remote Viewing Capability

A surveillance security system with remote viewing capability often requires Wi-Fi or an application for the mobile device. Remote viewing enables users to continually view their home's video feed, irrespective of where they are. Additionally, some software programs allow you to actively control the camera, so that you can direct the lens to possible suspicious activity around your home.

Infrared Detection For Night Vision

Many criminal activities typically take place at night. Daytime surveillance video cameras do not always work well at night. An unsatisfactory night video image will defeat the purpose of a surveillance security system. Luckily, many modern surveillance systems offer infrared detection for night vision, which provides a clear picture of a perpetrator when there is not enough light for most other cameras to notice. This type of thermal imaging exposes any dangers lurking in the dark shadows or behind obstructions.

If you're looking to boost safety in your home, look for these compelling surveillance features for your home's security system.


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