Massive Benefits Your Business Will Reap From Fibre Optic Cabling

Posted on: 10 December 2018

When deliberating on introducing network cabling to your business, you will find to main options presented to you. The first is copper cabling, which has been the mainstay in connectivity applications. This type of data cabling has stood the test of time since it is already pre-existent in a majority of commercial premises, making it a cheaper option when looking to connect your devices. The second option that you can contemplate is fibre optic cabling. While more expensive, this type of data cabling offers a host of benefits that are unmatched by copper cabling. Before you decide on what you will choose, read on for a few of the massive benefits that your business will reap from fibre optic cabling.

Superior signal strength

One of the most common complaints business owners have regarding Ethernet over copper cabling is the degradation of their signal the further that it moves away. Fibre optic cabling does not have this problem. Whether you have large commercial premises or a few offices, fibre optic cabling's signal remains at the same strength throughout the complex. So if you want to keep telecommunications open with all your employees regardless of their distance, then you should choose fibre optic cabling that would not be negatively affected by distance.

Equal symmetric speed

A little-known aspect of data cabling and network connectivity that most people are unaware of is symmetric speed. This term refers to the speed of your download and upload times. Fibre optic cabling provides equal symmetric speed in the sense that both these times will be at the same rate. So is this essential for businesses? The truth is it should be mandatory for your network applications. When your company has equal symmetric speed, it means a host of applications can be carried out simultaneously. For example, your employee can be on video or VOIP calls while still uploading or downloading content related to their work. Hence, if your company relies heavily on internet connectivity for the productivity of your employees, then it is judicious to opt for fibre optic cabling so that you can benefit from equal symmetric speed.

Unlimited bandwidth

Some internet providers may provide you with a capped data plan. This means that if your business transmits a specific amount of data, you may find that you have reached your limit before the month is done. Fibre optic cabling is a better option, since the bandwidth is unlimited. Thus, you never have to worry about depleting your data cap. Furthermore, the bandwidth is also larger than conventional data cabling, and this ensures more data can be transmitted in a short period! 


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