3 Easy Tips For Servicing Your Own Computer

Posted on: 22 March 2019

Does your PC or laptop require servicing, but you don't have the money to pay computer repair experts or you simply think you can handle the matter? There are many computer repairs that you might be able to make yourself. For instance, rather than paying to remove malware or tune up your computer, do it yourself.

This post will not help you identify failing components or show you how to conduct major computer repairs – these tasks are strictly for experts – but it focuses on easy stuff you can handle while saving money.

Removing malware and viruses

Most people still struggle with infected PC Windows. If the computer is infected and hasn't been working well, there are instances when you don't have to pay an expert to fix it. All you have to do is use standard antivirus tools. To find a quality antivirus product that can provide the protection you need, consult antivirus test sites to know how the antivirus you have chosen stacks up. You can then use the antivirus to eliminate your problem – just follow the provided instructions.

However, if the malware infection is really deep, you may need expert help. Professionals may go through the auto-start entries as well as registry, then manually eliminate the malware that the tools didn't catch. Note that this process is time-consuming and there is no guarantee that the virus will be removed. A quick solution would be to reinstall Windows, and this is a task you can handle yourself.

Upgrading your hard drive or RAM

Conducting upgrades on some computers isn't difficult. The process of adding RAM to your PC is simple provided you purchase the perfect RAM. It's also possible to upgrade the hard drive or add a new one to boost the storage space. The process will involve reinstalling Windows or moving the existing OS (operating system) over in case you intend to replace the original hard drive.

Reinstalling an operating system

Most people think that a slow computer should be replaced, while others take their computers to repair shops to get it fixed. But if your computer is bogged down by programs and toolbars, the quickest solution would be to reinstall the Windows. This solution is also helpful in case your computer has problems like weird errors or corrupt files. While it's possible to replace the bad drivers and corrupted files, it's usually fast to reset the Windows to the factory state. Ensure all the vital files are backed up before reinstalling Windows.

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